Nikki Mitchell’s vast experience as a qualified professional in spray tanning has seen her apply hundreds of natural looking gorgeous tans on her clients with many of them coming back on a weekly basis.

Nikki started developing her own brand of spray tanning solution in 2016 because she was not happy with the tan solutions on the market, so she decided the only way get the natural colour she wanted was to make her own range.

The one thing that sets Nikki’s tanning products apart from the others is that it’s a natural olive looking tan and does not go patchy at all, it just fades off like a natural tan.



Spray Tan - $60 (Solutions- 15 Minute, Original, Extra Dark)




Exfoliate your whole body well and shave on the morning of your appointment.

Wash your hair the night before or the morning of your appointment as some shampoos and conditioners can strip the tan of its colour in the initial developing hours.

Don’t wear any moisturiser, deodorants or jewellery to your appointment.

Bring/wear something loose fitting to avoid rubbing your new tan on the way home.


If you want your natural spray tan to last, a bit of after care is essential.

After 2 hours of having your tan applied, do an initial 60 second rinse with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Don’t use any soap or body wash. Pat yourself dry. When you do this initial rinse, you may feel like it’s all come off and not dark enough – don’t worry, the tan will keep developing overnight leaving you with a natural olive tan.

Avoid putting on sorbolene and oils while you have your spray tan on as they can strip your tan and it won’t last as long. Use a light moisturiser only.

Extend the life of your tan by using Nikki’s Coconut Tan Extender to make your tan last up to two weeks!