Nikki Mitchell’s 20 years’ experience as a qualified professional makeup artist has seen her work on hundreds of clients.

Nikki’s caring and honest nature makes her clients feel comfortable. She will never let a client walk away unhappy and is always focused on her client’s natural beauty to deliver the best results.

Any special occasion is worth treating yourself to having your makeup professionally applied – so what are you waiting for? Book a one-on-one professional makeup application with Nikki today!

Why is it important to hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding or special occasion?

Getting professional makeup for weddings and special occasions not only ensures you will enjoy a fabulous makeup result that will photograph well and leave you with lasting memories that you can fondly look back on but will also reduce your stress and anxiety on the big day. A professional, experienced makeup artist will know how to achieve the look you want and will use products that will suit your skin, the lighting and any other variables that arise on the day. You can focus on enjoying yourself, while your makeup artist is responsible for bringing out your best assets, using the best products that will last all day!

Nikki has been entrusted with makeup artistry at countless weddings, formals, bridal and baby showers, special birthdays and more and is extremely talented when it comes to creating stunning looks that make you feel beautiful and confident while helping you to relax and enjoy the moment.

I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, but I still want to look beautiful on the day – should I hire a professional makeup artist?

If you do not usually wear makeup, we can jump to the conclusion that your makeup kit leaves a little to be desired when it comes to long lasting and durable wear makeup products that are suitable for photography while making your feel comfortable and confident. While the beauty of hiring a makeup artist is not only their superior skills in creating a stunning look but also their makeup bag. A professional, qualified and esteemed makeup artist will have an endless supply of high quality products that are designed for special events and to be worn for photography.

Nikki will work with you to understand your desired look and will use your artistic skills and high-end products to enhance your natural beauty, while leaving you feeling comfortable and confident in your skin. You do not need a lot of makeup to make a big impact, however the application of makeup can certainly have a huge impact on the final result.

Do you offer hair services as well as makeup?

Yes! How can you complete the look without professional hair styling to match your stunning makeup. Nikki offers basic up-styles, down-styles and curls with her makeup applications and will work with you to make sure your look is cohesive and as glam as you desire. While Nikki doesn’t offer cuts or colour, her hair styling combined with makeup is sure to take your look to the next level for your special day… she can also put you in touch with some great hairdressers should you wish to have your hair cut and coloured prior to styling.

I’m not sure what look I want, should I do a makeup trial?

Yes! How can you possibly make such an important decision without a little sneak peek. Nikki suggests her clients look online or through magazines to get some makeup inspiration and a starting point for the makeup trial. At the trial, Nikki will work with you to create a look based on what you like, but will tailor it to accentuate your most flattering features and really highlight your natural beauty. Your makeup trial will give you the opportunity to discuss your skin concerns and will allow you to actually wear the makeup and see how it holds up on your skin, ensuring you will get the appropriate wear out of your glamourous look.  

For weddings, Nikki also suggests that brides invite their bridesmaids along to have their makeup trial done also, this will make the actual wedding day much less stressful and will give you and your girls some bonding time before the big day. At the completion of the makeup trial when everyone is happy, Nikki takes photos and documents the products that are to be used on each beauty, making the wedding day smooth and stress-free!

How long will my makeup last after you’ve applied it?

Nikki uses high-quality, professional products that are designed to last all day and will actually set your makeup to ensure it looks as beautiful in the first hour as it does in the last hour. Nikki also provides a sponge to touch up during the day and sample pots of your lipstick are available to purchase should you wish to touch up your lips throughout your event.

What brand of makeup do you use?

Nikki only uses high-quality professional products that she has personally tried and tested. She has an expansive range of products however some of her favourite brands include Kryolan, MAC, NARS and Hourglass. If you have a preferred brand, you can discuss this with Nikki at your makeup trial or when you book your makeup. 

Are false eyelashes necessary? Can I opt out of using them?

This decision is totally yours, but Nikki loves to add lashes to really finish the look. You can choose from natural or dramatic lashes and have the option to choose individual or strip lashes to really make your eyes pop. Lashes do come free with every makeup application, however the choice is totally yours and if you choose no lashes, that is absolutely fine! Nikki is all about making you look and feel comfortable, confident and glamourous, no matter what your preferences.

How do you keep your makeup kit sanitary?

Nikki will always begin every makeup application with clean, disinfected brushes and applicators to ensure that your makeup is hygienically applied. As a professional makeup artist, Nikki is meticulous about looking after her equipment and protecting the health and safety of her clients. It is very important to Nikki to maintain exceptional hygiene standards in her makeup kit and throughout her work.

How long does the actual makeup application take?

Nikki will allocate an initial 30-45 per person for makeup applications. This time can vary depending on the person, the situation and the preparation. A makeup application may take less time, but Nikki always allows extra time per person to ensure that nobody is rushed or in a hurry to have their makeup done. Ideally, clients will have a trial before to ensure that the timing is right and there are no unexpected surprises.

Can I hire you for partial makeup services i.e. just the eyes or lashes?

Makeup is an artform and Nikki loves to complete a full look for her clients so they are happy and content with the outcome. Completing only partial makeup is risky as the look may not be cohesive, may not photograph well and may not last as long as needed for special events. Nikki wants her clients to look their best, so she only takes care of them from start to finish, making sure your look is as unique as you and as special as your event.

Do you provide on-site services and travel to me?

Nikki provides both on-site services and travel options for makeup application. A travel fee will be applied depending on the location of your event and a minimum number of makeup applications is also required. Contact Nikki to find out if she can accommodate your event location and your event party.

How far in advance should I book you? What is the process for securing my booking?

Nikki is extremely popular and is often booked out 6 months in advance and therefore it is recommended you book as soon as you have a secure date locked in. You should book both your makeup trial and your special event at the same time to avoid disappointment. If you book just a makeup trial, you can secure your event booking with a 50% non-refundable deposit with the balance due on the day of your special occasions.